First Geo has three consultants that can take on single placements to do petrophysical analysis. They are experts, and can develop standard CPI logs as well as performing in-depth analysis for special petrophysical evaluations. A typical petrophysical service is based on log and core data, and normally includes a log quality control in addition to calculation of reservoir parameters.

First Geo's consultants on petrophysics are experienced with specialist software such as Interactive Petrophysics and Powerlog, in addition to internal spreadsheet analysis.

  • Operational support (wireline/LWD)
  • Formation Pressure Analysis
  • Dip Picking on image logs
  • Acoustic Waveform Processing
  • NMR Analysis (basic)
  • Fluid substitution
  • Electro Facies and Cluster Analysis
  • Curve prediction
  • Rock Mechanics for well stability and Sand production

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