Operations & Wellsite Geology

Wellsite geology

Wellsite geologists with extensive experience from exploration and production drilling; primarily from the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Barents Sea, but also world-wide from international assignments. The service covers all aspects of wellsite geology, including supervision of coring and wireline operations.

Geosteering long reach wells

Extensive experience in geosteering long reach, multilateral wells on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, in addition to drilling of deep water wells.

Geomodelling while drilling

Using a geomodelling application as e.g. RMS, Petrel or Geocap in real-time offshore, our geologists are able to give valuable detailed input to the regional geological model, for better understanding of the area.

Formation pressure evaluation

Highly skilled pore pressure specialists with wellsite geology experience, both in pore pressure prediction onshore in the planning phase, and real timeevaluation offshore while drilling. The service also includes high pressure high temperature (HTHP) wells. We also offer 24/7 real-time follow-up and QC from the customer´s office of the pore pressure while drilling, in close collaboration with the wellsite geologist/dedicated pore pressure specialist offshore.

Operations geology

Our experienced operations geologists cover all aspects of well planning, such as production of drilling programmes and all pre-spud activities, follow-up during the drilling phase, and post-drilling activities.

Integrated/intelligent operations

Our operations geologist also has experience in manning operation centres 24/7 or part of a day.

Post-drilling support services

Support is offered to cover preparation and production of final well reports and completion logs.


Our team can write manuals, such as wellsite geology manuals, operations geology manuals, and pore pressure manuals.

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