Data Hosting

Hosting of hardware

First Geo hosts hardware for customers who use our subsurface software service. The physical hosting is either done at First Geo's own data centre or at Atea's hosting facility, Green Mountain. Required support services are included. Atea is First Geo´s partner for hosting of subsurface IT solutions.

Hardware can be the customer´s property or leased from First Geo or Atea.

Hosting of software

First Geo offers hosting of subsurface software for E&P customers in Norway. Hosted software includes Petrel, IRAP RMS, Interactive Petrophysics (IP), Eclipse family, and Tempest. Other software can be made available upon request. The software can be hosted on hardware leased from First Geo or Atea, or on hardware owned by the customer.

Data management

First Geo offers data management services related to hosting of subsurface software. First Geo is a Diskos-member, and employs two highly skilled data managers.

Software support

First Geo can provide software support services for software hosted at the First Geo data centre. The support service is a first-line support, where second-line support cases are redirected to the software vendor. The software currently supported include Petrel, IRAP RMS, Interactive Petrophysics (IP), and Eclipse 100.