Customers can engage First Geo to provide a broad spectre of services delivered the way customers prefer. Services can be single placement of consultants or projects outsourced from customers, and charged by the hour or on a fixed price basis.

Service capabilities cover the value chain from early exploration to tail end production. The included technical disciplines are geophysics, geology and reservoir engineering. These disciplines are used to support customers within key business areas like:

Data Hosting

First Geo hosts hardware for customers who use our subsurface software service. The physical hosting is either done at First Geo's own data centre or at Atea's hosting facility, Green Mountain. Required support services are included. Atea is First Geo´s partner for hosting of subsurface IT solutions.

Hardware can be the customer´s property or leased from First Geo or Atea.

Operations & Wellsite Geology

First Geo is the leading Norwegian provider of Operations and Wellsite Geology services with more than 40 highly competent and experienced geologists. Our consultants have superior knowledge of the Norwegian Continental Shelf as well as international experience. What sets us apart from international suppliers is our extensive Barents Sea experience. We pride ourselves on our reputation of having high quality professional Wellsite and Operations geologists and through high capacity and flexibility we ensure that the customer gets what they need.

Single Placements

First Geo AS can provide the customers with experienced professionals to support their technical teams in times of heavy workload. We have specialists within exploration geology and geophysics, reservoir geology, petrophysics, and reservoir engineering. We are present in Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo, and Trondheim. First Geo consultants will work at the customer´s office or remotely from our offices, depending on customer preference.

Drilling and Well Engineering Department

First Geo has expanded its activities by establishing a Well Management branch enabling First Geo to provide Well Management Services to oil companies in Norway and internationally. Together with the existing services, First Geo are able to deliver high quality of all services needed for a complete well delivery including operations & well site geology and other related services.