Pore Pressure Study

Our Geo-Pressure Model offers a 3D view of geo-pressure variations on Australians North West shelf.

Zones of elevated geo-pressure have been encountered throughout the area. These represent a significant drilling hazard and are also often a challenge for field development.

We have carried out a regional pore pressure study with analysis of 60 wells in the Carnarvon Basin and 40 wells in the Browse and Bonaparte Basins plus a high quality 3D regional velocity model hiQbe™ tied to 877 wells which covers the entire North West Shelf. A regional seismic interpretation from Totterdell et.al. at Geoscience Australia has been used to provide stratigraphic control.  

Model covers the Carnarvon, Offshore Canning/Roebuck, Browse and Bonaparte basins.

See our abstract on Geo-pressure presented at the First EAGE Workshop on Pore Pressure Prediction,  2017, Pau, France

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