Customers can purchase First Geo products, which will reduce the customer workload and take projects to a faster completion.

The products are developed by First Geo´s in-house consultants, and undergo a rigorous quality control before release.

The products are:

Seismic Surveys

First Geo owns 4 3D seismic surveys.

Please contact us for the details.

Pore Pressure Study

Our geo-pressure model offers a 3D view of geo-pressure variations on Australians North West shelf.


SeisQbe™ is a new addition to our product portfolio. It is a seamless merge of 3D full-stack final migration seismic data. All dynamically time and phase matched.  

CPI database and petrophysics

First Geo provides a complete petrophysical service,including conventional CPI analysis and SCAL expertise.


hiQbe™ is First Geo's regional high quality velocity cubes for depth conversion. Easily available to users, hiQbe™ enables the oil companies to change the way they work.

Regional Studies

First Geo's G&G team has for the past decade provided the oil industry with extensive regional subsurface studies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.