About us

Since 1995, First Geo has delivered expert subsurface advice and products to E&P companies worldwide. The focus is on geophysics, geology, petrophysics, reservoir engineering and well management.

Clients engage First Geo through all phases of a field's life cycle, from exploration to tail end, through geological & geophysical interpretation, petrophysical evaluation and reservoir modelling and simulation. Our regional hydrocarbon prospectivity studies and the hiQbe™ velocity models save our clients time and money. We are also the leading provider of operations and wellsite geology services for the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

We have projects running in-house in parallel with single placements of consultants at customer's offices. This enables us to have a planned rotation of consultants between projects, such that we both are able to build a broad knowledge base as well as giving us a strong flexibility to take on customer projects when they occur.

In-house projects are served by our own datacentre and data managers, where customers can also have their hardware and software hosted.

First Geo is owned by Akastor, a subsidary of Aker ASA